(SPOILERS!) Mega Man 11's Boss Weaknesses Revealed in Easter Egg

This web page incorporates Cheats, secrets and techniques, exploits and different useful methods for Mega Man 11 on Swap, PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

EditMega Man 11 Boss Weaknesses and Boss Order

The Mega Man 11 Robotic Grasp (boss) order beneath is the simplest approach to exploit every boss weaknesses. This technique begins with Block Man for a number of causes: 1) He is not significantly straightforward to defeat even by exploiting his weak point. 2) Charged (default weapon) M. Buster pictures are nearly as efficient because the Blast Man’s C. Blast that he is weak to. three) B. Dropper can be a reasonably good weapon to have for all ranges. And four) Additionally, you get Affect Man’s assault fairly early, which is tremendous useful for platforming.

Under is the boss order (watch it at work within the video above), together with every Robotic Grasp’s weak point

  • Block Man – Weak to (Blast Man’s) C. Blast (Use the Mega Buster to weaken Block Man, then use charged pictures on his second kind. When you have C. Blast from utilizing a distinct boss order use the cost shot on the second kind.)
  • Acid Man – Weak to (Block Man’s) B. Dropper
  • Affect Man – Weak to (Acid Man’s) A. Protect
  • Bounce Man – Weak to (Affect Man’s) P. Driver; Semi-Weak to Tundra Man T. Storm
  • Fuse Man – Weak to (Bounce Man’s) B. Ball
  • Tundra Man – Weak to (Fuse Man’s) S. Thunder
  • Torch Man – Weak to (Tundra Man’s) T. Storm
  • Blast Man – Weak to (Torch Man’s) B. Torch, Semi-Weak to P. Driver

On the very starting of Mega Man 11, while you select the issue and begin a brand new sport, a cutscene begins. Roll tells Dr. Mild in regards to the robots getting a tune up. The best way she delivers the boss order is similar to the record above! It is a very comparable boss order and a lot of the weaknesses are in the correct order, except for Torch Man, whose assault is not significantly efficient on Acid Man. Nevertheless it nonetheless works.

  • Block Man
  • Torch Man
  • Acid Man
  • Imoact Man
  • Bounce Man
  • Fuse Man
  • Tundra Man
  • Blast Man

On the Nintendo Swap model of Mega Man 11 you possibly can scan amiibo from the pause display screen — hit + and press Y or the button you have got assigned indicated on the backside of the display screen.

You may scan as much as 20 single amiibo per day for a random likelihood on the following:

  • Small vitality refill
  • Massive vitality refill
  • Small weapon refill
  • Massive weapon refill
  • 1-Up

Scanning the Mega Man amiibo appears to persistently give a 1-Up.

To take this a step additional, you possibly can “cheat” and use greater than 20 amiibo every day by taking your Swap off line and altering the clock to the following calendar day, not less than 24 hours from the final time you scanned an amiibo. It will mean you can scan extra amiibo every day.

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