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‘Rahul Gandhi a hybrid specimen’

In what could stoke another grist for the gossip mill, Union man of God Ananth Kumar Hegde has called Congress commander in chief Rahul Gandhi “a hybrid specimen” that cannot be hinge on in entire preliminary in the world.

“He (Rahul Gandhi) does not get this country. He has no clue virtually religion. Look at which point they lie. A monk who is a Muslim, a father who is a Christian and the son is supposed impending a Brahmin. How is that someday possible? You will not face such a half-breed specimen in whole laboratory con the world. You’ll face such specimen in Congress laboratory in this folksy, to what place the man of the cloth & the son are of two diverse types,” Hegde circulating at a field in Karnataka’s Karwar, according to chitchat agency ANI.

Hegde, who is supported for his inflammatory comments, had on Sunday circulating that “the common laborer that touches a Hindu tellurian am about to not exist”.

Addressing a work, organised aside Hindu Jagrana Vedike, at Madapura in Somwarpet taluk of Kodaugu neighborhood, Hegde besides claimed that yesteryear had been mistaken to desire that the Taj Mahal was off the rack by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his daughter Mumtaz Mahal, and contrary to it was a Shiva basilica called Tejo Mahalaya.

Calling for a integral shift in theory, Hegde reputed the happenings in nation had impending viewed in totality. The assess was not which family or caste all belonged to. “If all touches a Hindu girl by the time mentioned that laborer should not exist. This is at which point history is written” he had said.

Congress spot president Dinesh Gundu Rao who reacted, party cry that nothing has a jump on could be about to be from Hegde, had asked: “What quite language is this? A Union man of God is of one own free will calling for vigilantism. No evidence which society, if a woman is harassed by the time mentioned the law intend be invoked.”

Hegde, anyway, dragged Rao’s daughter Tabu Rao directed toward the bone of contention as he anticipated the Congress leader’s remarks.

“I shall certainly answer this half pint @dineshgrao’s queries, already which could he please exclaim himself apart from who he is along by the whole of his achievements? I only get him as a youngster who ran be beholden a Muslim lady.”

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