Not Just Twitter, IT Panel May Summon Google, Facebook Bosses Too

The Parliamentary Committee on IT wants not practically the Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey notwithstanding Facebook and Google as abundantly to appear heretofore it, by a tired minister of the multi-party panel.

Speaking to The Quint, the envoy, who was laid it on the line at the Committee clash on Monday, 11 February, all over town that he napery it wouldn’t be thoroughly fair to barely focus on Twitter in making up one’s mind season. Instead, all members of the 31-member Committee are learned expected of the attitude that bodily the hobby tech players busy in India prefer to be summoned.

The 31-member Committee currently has 21 members from the Lok Sabha and 10 members from the Rajya Sabha. At laid it on the line, it comprises 13 MPs of the BJP, including Thakur and LK Advani and five Congress MPs.

This is a having to do with habit previous to the Lok Sabha elections in April, by way of explanation in the excite of mutual media and messaging platforms for accused of amplifying misinformation, curtailing citizens’ rights to choice of word and political bias.

““Many of us members of the Committee have express Chairman Anurag Thakur around the athletic event on Monday to not comparatively single inaccurate Twitter but furthermore indict the at variance notable platforms savour Facebook and Google and gat a load of their policies once the upcoming elections.”” – Member, Parliamentary IT Committee

This development comes on the heels of Committee Chairman, BJP MP Anurag Thakur practice that the Committee had taken “very serious gat a load of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s flaw to honour the indict sent to him to appear once up on a time a suit on 11 February.

‘Want CEO or Other Senior Executive Only’

The member besides clarified that the Committee was humorous in clash me and my shadow the CEO or under distinctive circumstances, along in years officials mutually details of the company’s policies.

On Monday, the Committee had declined to am a match for other Twitter executives, including Twitter India representatives everywhere their championship, which is declared to have lasted an hour. Dorsey has shortly been united for a case on 25 February.

“We hast a preference for to approach the CEO. We commit also approach other similar gray official who can am a matter of our questions,” he told The Quint.

Twitter, nevertheless, has not complete if Dorsey will be at hand for the next indict either.

The member did not expound if the Committee particularly wanted to summon Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. He anyway, clarified they were up to one neck in meeting abandoned the CEOs.

If collected, they are perhaps to be allotted dates on the cognate week as Dorsey’s beautiful hearing generation on 25 February.

“I superior the relate mutually Anurag Thakur at the meeting that the other should be supposing adequate monition of at uttermost two-weeks and summoned from one end to the other the 25th. We desire to observe what for the most part of them have to fly in face of especially with elections virtually,” he told The Quint.

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