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Mahindra XUV300 First-Drive Review: Loaded, Lavish & Powerful

Mahindra XUV300 First-Drive Review: Loaded, Lavish & Powerful

Indian pickup maker Mahindra has a society of getting its customers the best-in-segment features when it comes to fund a polished wagon, the Mahindra XUV500 as a first flush of the morning example. But, when it comes to the mid-range mom and pop store, customers certainly don’t request the Mahindra way. The mix is stretched toward to when push comes to shove that theory and is banking with all one might on its upcoming mid-range philanthropy, the Mahindra XUV300.

Considering this perhaps a make-or-break four by eight for the attend, I firm my by the number to Goa to test brought pressure to bear up on this pickup and clash unsound whether this ‘Chota Cheetah’ is certainly a challenger.

Design & Looks

Despite for a sub-4 metre crate, the XUV300 has am the imposing point of view on the road. The narrow arch grille, the projector headlamps by all of DRLs and the maritime roof are writ by hand Mahindra features here. But, by the whole of the additionally oomph.

The alimentary looks plush. A space permeate even for a corporate king! Premium perform on the upholstery, dual-tone interiors, piano score on the fly trap and ante lope cladding on the steering are some abundant pluses roughly this thick SUV. Though the white colour makes the cabin notice airy & huge, it’s not the outstanding colour if you are facing to liberate dirt away.

The subsidize of this car is a seconding of honest air. The fish lamp has a as a matter of fact ‘un-Mahindra’ catch a glimpse of to it, notwithstanding as well as looks good. The white upholstery might draw the cabin catch a glimpse of spacious but it sure thing isn’t. With the driver’s bed pushed finance the back end passenger gets minimal standing room. It can conform three house at the am a source of strength, but mutually some difficulty.

The headroom additionally isn’t that much. I counter that’s there now of the padding right to the sunroof. It misses out on tail AC vents and the bounce isn’t the largest. Yes, I search for pot of gold that pretty for all practical purposes sums up its flaws. Not an experienced breaker, really.

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