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A U.S. Military medic cuts to the bone in a graphic memoir that
takes full benefit of the shape.

This guide, a part of the launch of a graphic imprint by the Naval
Institute Press, provides a vivid, terrifying, and sometimes stunning illumination
of 1 man’s cathartic expertise in Afghanistan. “This place eats
individuals.” That’s what Dulak heard when he arrived for his deployment in
Afghanistan after two excursions in Iraq had left him psychologically shell-shocked.
He was assigned to take cost of the medical unit, however he may barely management
himself: his ideas and obsessions, his alcohol consumption. He discovered that his
forsaken outpost was prime Taliban territory, that even those that appeared to
be allies couldn’t be trusted, that those that served with him will not be
correctly skilled or credentialed, and that loss of life had an insatiable
urge for food. He additionally discovered himself amid a panorama of stark magnificence, which
evokes illustrator Berg to an unsettling juxtaposition of darkish shadows and
vivid mild, bloody carnage and pure splendor. Lots of the panels have
few or no phrases, letting the artwork convey the depth of the expertise. It’s
a collaborative effort, with journalists Knodell and Axe—who additionally teamed up
on The ’Stan (2018), one other of the primary titles from this
collection—turning Dulak’s testimony right into a taut narrative that enhances the
artwork. The story begins with the protagonist as a damaged man, leaving little
behind when he departed from his residence in america for Afghanistan, and
he returned as a survivor, at the least partially redeemed by hope. “My recollections
stay vivid,” he writes on the finish. “They all the time will. They’re part of me.
However I can transfer on. It’s going to be okay.”

Readers may have a visceral response to the experiences shared
by this searing memoir.

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