ISIS sex slave horror! 10-year-old Yazidi girl pregnant – ‘children like her may have been raped by 100 men’

Baghdad: In one more horrendous story rising up out of war-torn Syria, a Yazidi lady has affirmed that her 10-year-old niece, who was compelled to end up the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) sex slave, was pregnant when a companion of hers saw her last time.

The woman, recognized as Mahdya, said that she had detected her niece, Marwa Khedr, in a market, remaining with others and hanging tight to be expelled to the caliphate’s future capital Raqqa.

According to the Daily Mail, one of the companions of Mahdya later disclosed to her that she had seen Marwa again and discovered that the 10-year-old was pregnant.

Mahdya, 29, additionally asserted that youngsters having a place with the minority aggregate were whipped with links in the event that they opposed. Eminently, she herself as of late flew from Baghuz, the last holdout of ISIS in Syria. The auntie guaranteed that she was pushed to benefit from sticks and creature fertilizer to endure.

On Sunday, the paper announced that Marwa Khedr was removed by ISIS jihadis after they cleared into her town in Iraq’s Sinjar district and amassed every one of the families at gunpoint.

The men were clearly slaughtered and afterwards covered in a mass grave. The ladies and youngsters were moved toward the north of the nation. Also, the individuals who matured between 10-20 were taken off by senior IS jihadis.

Talking about Marwa, Ziad Avdal, a previous educator who runs safe houses for Yazidis getting away ISIS, stated: “It isn’t simply awful that she is pregnant – these young ladies may have been assaulted by 100 men previously they wind up pregnant.”

Marwa’s present whereabouts are not known.

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