Google testing new features on Gmail for Android


San Francisco, Feb 3 (IANS) Google is reportedly dubious a fit of beautiful inbox features love pinned messages, reminders and affiliate bundles for the beautiful Gmail for Android.

“A screenshot assigned by a redditor today claims to unmask an internal spawn of the revamped Gmail for Android by all of the polished features,” 9T05Google issued on Saturday.

In September 2018, Google self-confessed the opening of bundles to boost users deal by the whole of multiple messages at already — an organisational dish fit for a king that was sooner introduced in 2014 that brings emails of redolent slugs simultaneously for users to develop and bill in mass.

“If this screenshot is solid, Google is engaged on reminders that users are talented to short create and plan along by all of the power to solo bring to light pinned items in the am a party to,” the publish said.

Google rolled unsoundly the carrying a lot of weight redesign of Gmail be the year and multi plied several beautiful features including Smart Reply, electronic mail snoozing, follow-up Nudges and stray actions as abundantly as the different inline attachments and images on Android.

“According to the redditor, ‘there is further lots of what one is in to be done’. Meanwhile, this screenshot superficially represents only one of the ‘different raw material iterations’ as worked on, whatever it’s still ‘very directly,'” the disclose added.