Chris Evans: 'Don't have to be so graphic' Virgin Radio DJ scolds co-host Vassos Alexander

Chris Evans has criticised his Virgin Radio Breakfast Show co-host, Vassos Alexander, for his use of language on the station. The 53-year-old DJ told the sports correspondent he did not need to be “so graphic” after he discussed relieving himself. Questioning Vassos about his hysterical behaviour, the TV star asked: “What are you giggling about?” A seemingly nonchalant Vassos replied: “Oh! I’m in trouble with Miss Ellie,” to which Chris quizzed: “Why are you in trouble with Miss Ellie?”

“For going to do a wee-wee,” Vassos said sheepishly, as his colleagues burst into a fit of laughter in the background.

Insisting he did not need to be as blunt with his words, Chris declared: “You don’t have to be so graphic, a comfort break would have sufficed.

“Or, a number one maybe but the alternative…”, but before he could finish his sentence Vassos interrupted in an apparent attempt to provide more vulgar details.

“No! No! Stop there. Okay,” the father-of-five begged. “Apparently she had an issue with you sauntering back in as the record was almost over.”

Making light of the situation, he then joked: “To be honest for me, you could have sauntered in even slower.”

Last week, Chris revealed to his co-star he had followed a “super tip” on how to lose weight after Vassos complimented him on his trimmed down physique.

The radio presenter revealed he had dropped to 12 stone and was following a plan which involved not drinking while eating.

He said instead of sipping with his meals he had to costume beverages 45 minutes before or after a meal as outlined.

The former BBC Radio 2 host said the change has helped him shed a few pounds and has seen others compliment him on his physical appearance.

Vassos was one of the people who noticed a difference in Chris’ look and said the TV presenter looked “shiny” and had lost weight.

Explaining how he got in shape last Friday, Chris shared: “It’s ever since I stopped drinking any liquid at all, including alcohol with meals.

“Because this is a super tip that we had during the week from someone who knows, who has been to this clinic.

“They say don’t drink anything with your meals because it ruins the digestion effects of the acid in your stomach, including water.”

Concluding, he finished: “In fact, water is one of the worse things you can drink with food.

“So you drink 45 minutes before or 45 minutes after anything you like.”

Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show airs weekdays at 6.30am.

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